About Me

I’m not the coach that’s focused on helping you climb Mt. Everest or live your most authentic life. Those are perfectly valid pursuits – and personal goals of my own – but they’re not why I’m here.

I’m a highly analytical and strategic thinker who is focused on helping you achieve more success in your business.

Combining a deep background in psychology and coaching with 20 years of business experience, I can understand what’s really going on in a company where many others – including the team and other coaches – can’t.

Your business will run best when you get the best performance out of your people, and that’s what I specialize in.

And unlike other coaches, I take a hands-on approach. We’re not just having calls; I roll up my sleeves and help you enact the plan we build.

I will feel like a part of your team, helping you improve your business from the inside.

Are we a fit?

Our work together will take mutual trust and alignment. Let’s talk about the business problems you’re trying to solve and confirm we’re a good fit.

“The results speak for themselves. Our product rebuild is now complete and we’re on track to achieve our growth goals. The team is clear on how they need to contribute so we can collectively succeed.”
Alex Turnbull, CEO, Groove, New Hampshire
Amy Porterfield
President, The F Factor, Washington, D.C.