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Founder Alignment

Through 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll explore who you are as a leader and who you want to be as your company grows. 

You’ll become conscious of the values that guide how you run your company, resolve inner blocks that may be holding you back, and tap into new levels of energy that makes more possible.

Leadership Team Alignment

We’ll cultivate a leadership team that can sustain itself as the company scales. Individual coaching sessions will help leaders expand their capability and improve trust and collaboration.

Workshops will help strengthen the team dynamic and leadership discipline. Organizational routines will make it easier to work together, with less friction.

The result is a leadership team that openly communicates, solves problems and makes decisions quickly.

Organizational Alignment

I start by assessing your team to understand its collective strengths and weaknesses. These can relate to structure, behaviors, process and execution.

From these insights, we’ll create a bespoke plan that includes tools, routines and frameworks that enable strong communication, collaboration and decision making.

We’ll reinforce or adjust the mechanisms until they’re mature and enable the team to execute more quickly and with a high team vibe.

Package Options

Explore who you are as a leader, resolve the inner blocks that are holding you back, and tap into new levels of energy. 

Improve communication, understanding and collaboration within the leadership team.

Create clarity and synergy across the company through tools and routines that improve connection….  [Learn more below]

“With her thoughtful, candid approach, Elizabeth O'Neill helped me understand that I needed to lead my company differently.”
The right strategy, people and execution discipline to get you where you need to go.
Chris Smith
Founder, ABC Widgets, Rhode Island

Company Alignment

In-Depth Assessment.

We’ll start with an in-depth assessment to understand the current state of your organization, including it’s strengths and opportunities.

Individualized Plan.

Each month we’ll make progress on your plan, including targeted workshops and new routines to improve execution discipline, communication and collaboration.

Continually Improve.

As the company matures, we’ll continually adjust all levers to ensure the team is ready for the next phase of growth.

“The results speak for themselves. Our product rebuild is now complete and we’re on track to achieve our growth goals. The team is clear on how they need to contribute so we can collectively succeed.”
Alex Turnbull, CEO, Groove, New Hampshire
Amy Porterfield
President, The F Factor, Washington, D.C.

Are we a fit?

Our work together will take mutual trust and alignment.
Let’s talk about the problems you’re trying to solve and confirm we’re a good fit.

Services Overview

Every leader, business and team are unique. Our action plan will depend on your specific needs.

Strategic Planning and Vision Setting

Create or refresh your company’s vision, strategy, core purpose, and core values.

Goal setting

Create total team alignment around your top priorities.

Meeting routines

Set a disciplined meeting cadence that serves your company’s immediate and strategic goals.

Hiring and On-boarding processes

Define consistent processes that reflect your core values and maximize retention.

Engagement survey execution/analysis

Validate that your team is aligned and understand what’s driving their retention and engagement.

Leader 360 feedback survey execution/analysis

Get honest feedback on how the team is experiencing your leadership style.

Talent reviews and succession planning

Understand the skills and capabilities of your team and plan ahead for critical roles.

Team building workshops

Improve how your team works together.

CEO engagement/communication

Weave your vision, values and strategic priorities into compelling  communications.

Retreat planning and facilitation

Walk away from your retreat with complete alignment, commitment and excitement for the year ahead.

Executive coaching

Get supportive, judgment-free coaching to help you achieve your goals as a leader.

Organizational Design

Create a structure that enables your team to achieve your highest priorities. 

$3000 / month

Create or refresh your company’s vision, strategy, core purpose, values and goals

Includes founder pre-work and uses insights from pre-planning assessment. Two day in-person workshop with full team (or leadership team depending on size)

Quarterly engagement survey execution/analysis

Create or refresh your company’s vision, strategy, core purpose, values and goals

One team building workshop

Quarterly cadence of monthly check-ins:

Month One: Founder check-in on team’s progress
Month Two: leadership team check-in on adoption of new routines
Month Three: Founder 1:1 coaching session on personal leadership goals

Two coaching sessions with members of your team

$5000 / month

Everything you get in PeopleBoost plus...

Founder 360 feedback survey execution/analysis

Founder engagement/communication plan

Weave your vision, values and strategic priorities into all critical communication vehicles (team notes, shared tools, all-team meetings, annual retreat, investor notes)

Plan and help facilitate annual retreat

Get supportive, judgment-free coaching to help you achieve your goals as a leader.